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Spooky Avali Skeleton for the scariest of spooks. 😱

This comes with 4 different ways to attach it to your avatar:

  • A VERY simple method that doesn't even need no setup, just import the Kita'vali package and the Bone'vali into the project, and it's ready for upload, this would only be beneficial if you are going to make your Kita'vali with skeleton from scratch.
  • VRCFury (almost) drag and drop into your Kita'vali (some things still need to be changed for the skeleton to work properly)
  • An intermediate method where you can merge it with your existing Kita'vali, given this takes a bit more work & knowledge of unity.
  • And well... the blender files, you are on your own with this one.

If you have any issues related to the Bone'vali join my discord and I'll look into it. 🔎

Reviews are apreciated 🥺🙏

Remember to Read the ToS! 📖

Some Stats:

  • 14246 polys 📐
  • Full Viseme mapped, Jaw bone works!
  • Bones move as anatomically correct as possible
  • Comes with a shader that fades as you get closer
  • Many blendshapes to match the expressions

Included is:

  • Blender File
  • FBX File
  • UnityPackage
  • Textures
  • Some Shaders
  • Some Renders

Licensing and Terms of Service:

  1. No refunds will be provided as this is a digital product, if you have issues please contact me on discord.
  2. In terms of commissions (retextures, reshapes, etc.) both parties must own the product.
  3. You are not allowed to share, redistribute or resell these files! (unless you share it with an individual and Second condition is met)
  4. You are allowed to edit and customize for your own personal use.
  5. If you happen to break my ToS, you will be blacklisted from my future projects and possible legal actions will be taken against you.
  6. I am not responsible for any misuse of the model or administrative actions taken against you. Be responsible and follow my ToS and of the platform.


Twitter: @SirKioi


Discord Server: Kioi's Shed

Kita'vali base created by Rai Kitamatsu

The Kita'vali base is not included

Renders do not depict in-game look

The contents of this asset have copyright protection.

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I want this!